The best time to plant a blog was 5 years ago. The second best time is today.  New to blogging? Start before you're ready. Learn a little & practice a lot.  Writing copy for sustainable marketing is a real one.

How are there so many steps this blogging thing?


so many steps

Methods are for methodical people.  Logical bloggers  write about things that make sense.  The dreamers tend to ramble & some bloggers write to make new connections. To meet new friends.

You can write a blog about anything! But you'll have better luck if you play to your strengths. 

Let's find them.

Go for 12 blogs.
You can plan before
/or/ discovery write.

We're going to learn, and we're going to practice, people!  Practice! 
Learn, try ... do.  We do be doing stuff around here. 
Learn, try ... do.

But the world is full of blogs, and while we do think that books are pretty cool,  we're doing the blogging thing. 

What have you been up to lately?  Flapping your wings pretty good? In a season of settling in?  Exploring your options?  Making your mark?  Doing things with people again?

Writing is an art form we've always loved. But writing blogs is a little niche we didn't know we'd love so much.  Well, it's not really a niche ...  It's like a ... corridor.  More on marketing corridors later.  Blogs are cool.  Who knew?!

writer's gonna write, and Grammarly says we're pumping out millions of words every year.  Crazy right? You'd think I'd just write the book by now.

typer of words

Write A Blog With Me

Blogging is like finding a great spot at the beach.  It takes a little finagling, but most of the time, it can be done right. 

Sure, there are people around, but if we tuck ourselves in just so, we can wave our weird little flags and our people will know where to find us.

It's up-date-able.

Your blog isn't stuck in stone.

You meet a guide ...

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Write Blogs with me

Listen, Sally.  There are only 3 ways to do the thing.  You can buy it, try it, or DIY it.  what's your move?

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