The smell of salt in the air confirms you're pretty close now. The seagulls sound off—

One, two ... yup, definitely at the beach.  Hold your french fries, Sally. We're totally gonna find a parking spot on the first try.

Not a real button, keep reading

The "parking space mudra" is  the ancient version of crossing your fingers for good luck.  

I learned Mudras, yoga of the hands, when I learned how to draw the Om symbol.  I had an affinity for the Om symbol, but I didn't get the whole meaning.

The Om Symbol stands for ... everything.

I had no idea.  I thought it was just a 3, but with a tail.  And the Om Symbol IS sorta ... just the number 3, but with a tail... It's also everything. 
The tail isn't JUST for balance.  The squiggly tail on the buttocks of the 3 is symbolic of "the dream state". 

The part of life where you're just like ... doing other stuff, not thinking about the problem, you're just L-I-V-I-N. 

Let's Do It

This is a story all about how.  My life got twisted, up side down.

Okay, yeah, it's not. That's the Fresh Prince theme song.  You know it because it played a lot.  Repetition is a psychological trigger.  There are scientific studies showing humans become more attractive if we see them more often.  Seeing 10 photos of [Girl A] make her more attractive than seeing 7 photos of [Girl B]. It's science.

The Parking Lot


It's a two handed thing.  Sit back, drop your doodads, and breathe.  Palms up, make a fist. Release your thumb, pointer, and the bird. Now, put those three pads together.  Breathe.

We're doing it


Palms up.
Ring finger & pinky curled in.
Thumb, fore finger & middle finger touching pads.  Breathe in & think about the result you want.

front row


If it's Christmas at the mall, or summer weekends at the beach, maybe any spot will do.  But the trick is to picture the result.  Picture pulling into the free parking space.  Picture them pulling out.

Picture Me


Your website for you.  Picture it complete.  Beautiful.  Converting.  Okay, actually.  Yeah, you totally got me.  That's an ad for my full-service copywriting. Or you can learn & do.

okay, check this out ... a riddle ...

You're on a path

toward your destination.

You meet a guide that tells you this ... "One gatekeeper ALWAYS LIES.  The other ALWAYS tells the truth."  Okay, Sally, you think to yourself, and you ramble on down the path. 

and then, BAM!

You arrive at the fork. 

There is a gatekeeper. One path leads to impending doom.  One path leads to freedom.  You do not know which path is which, but the gatekeepers do.

one gatekeeper always tells the truth

What question do you ask the gatekeeper?

How do you move toward freedom in stead of impending doom? Think about it , read my site, and I'll email you the answer.  Yeah, you do have to give me your email address. Can't give away *all* of my gold for free.

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