If you run a small business, chances are … You write a lot. That’s what writing tools are for. Me, too. Here’s a round-up of some internet tools I find helpful when writing millions of words on the internet. List of Writing Tools for Working on the internet Analyze My Writing Just head over and […]

Writing Tools

Today, on my keyword research shenanigans, I discovered a sparkly cove of words that feel like I can test a couple of questions on. Like can I create a content cluster for SEO? I want to collect some data points. Pretty sure I’ll have to master my G4 before I collect any data points. But […]

Content Cluster for Seo, Let’s Just Try It

Sometimes I do things backward, but to me, it feels the correct way. I’ve spent a year frolicking through the landscape of online business. I decided I wanted to play the game, so I took some time to learn the rules. Along the way, I was sold a lot of Canva templates that are PDF […]

My Blog Branding Checklist in Notion

Already by day two of this longform article writing endeavor— I can tell you, it ain’t for the faint of heart. Five thousand words is a lot. But that’s the general consensus for longform content. And longform sales pages. Writing about a topic you don’t necessarily love is especially boring, but keyword research will help […]

Longform Article Writing 5000 Words Workflow

Writing a blog about making videos about writing blogs. Oof. A doozy. **slurps soup**. Today I blog about blogging. Why is step 57 for me to write this blog right now? Well, I have a few types of content I write, and “SEO Content” is only one type. Blogs Benefits Today, I am writing an […]

Blog About Blogging

It’s an interesting question when you get to the etymology! What is the definition of blogging? My first blog was an online diary. And while I do share my story in some of my blogs, I also blog for purpose. To answer questions, and to make a name for myself. Sometimes, all you need to […]

What is the Definition of Blogging?

Have you ever caught yourself wondering about SEO key words? It feels like a mystery, but it’s not. It’s mostly just a lot of work. What are SEO key words? The search engine is trying to teach you to fill empty space rather than pile on more of the same. High-quality work that works and […]

90 Days of SEO key words

Hot damn, Baby! Consider me obsessed with content for Content Marketing. I reached first page on Google for a term with 67 Difficulty SEO. In 8 weeks! So fucking cool. Am I allowed to swear on this blog? The results are keeping me stuck here in Content Land. Content, Content. It’s so easy. SEEOOOO easy. […]

Content for Content Marketing

It sounds scary at first. What does good blogging even mean? You’ll hear a lot of advice when you start asking the question. But the answer is the fabled, “it depends.” A story as old as time. Let’s begin with the etymology. Just kidding. Today, we’re going to break down what it’s like to be […]

Good Blogging

Why do some blogs have a very long URL with the date included? How do I shorten url on WordPress? Some blogs are so easy to remember. I woke up wondering how to change my blog URL on WordPress. Discovering Your URLs Are Too Long A slow drum of anxiety about my urls being too […]

Shorten URL WordPress

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