When I think of batch work, I think of muffins. You mix up all the ingredients in one cache and then batch them out into individual “opportunities”. Can we call a muffin an opportunity? Let’s do it. When I think of batch work in the context of blogging for SEO, it’s decidedly much less tasty, […]

Batch Work your Blogging for SEO

It takes about 90 days to make any moves using SEO and the first of my SEO Tips for Blogging is to start today. Don’t make a huge plan, not at the start. Not if this is your first rodeo. Just start. There is more to learn by doing than there is to read about. […]

SEO Tips for Blogging

Blogging books work for me because I like books and I am a blogger. Bloggers need a constant stream of content ideas. One way to turn on the faucet for content ideas is to choose a handful of categories you blog in. Blogging books works for Dobedo because we read books. Books as a Niche […]

Blogging Books

There are a handful of avenues for promoting your blog. This article is about blog writing for SEO as a strategy for promoting traffic to your website. Blogging and SEO Like white on rice, these two go together. Blogging is keeping a log, but it’s more than a diary. If you’re not writing for a […]

Blog Writing For SEO

If you’re wondering how to start your own online blog, you’re in the right place. Dobedo is a blog about blogging. How to Start online blogging Blogging to win There’s a difference between blogging to practice writing and blogging to win. When you’re blogging to win, you’re likely blogging on a specific, but broad topic. […]

How to Start Your Own Online Blog

Surfing the internet for info that can help you is daunting. No one likes it. Our job as bloggers is to help someone find the info faster. Here are X Blogging Tips for New Bloggers to get you from stand-still to posted. Blogging for Begginners When you’re just starting out, it’s important to step into […]

Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

When I first decided to get into e-commerce, I purchased thousands of stickers in my niche. I thought I’d use these stickers to learn SEO for blogging. Pretty soon, I was bored of writing seo-packed product descriptions for stickers. I ended up just putting a few options of stickers on my larger-than-sticker ecommerce site. Fast […]

Seo for Blogging — Experiment 1

Check this out. I’m casually checking on my blog posts using Ubersuggest and my notion database, when something I’ve seen before finally pops out. Today I learned something new about blogging. Today I learned something new on WordPress I’m on my way to writing my first 144 blogs and on this website (Dobedo) I have […]

Today I Learned Something New About Blogging

The very first step of starting your first (or next) blog? Give yourself permission to write again. You just have to start writing. At first, you’re going to have a lot of stream of conscious thoughts screaming to get out. We have to get those out and let them be free before we can uncover […]

Just Start Writing

If you run a small business, chances are … You write a lot. That’s what writing tools are for. Me, too. Here’s a round-up of some internet tools I find helpful when writing millions of words on the internet. List of Writing Tools for Working on the internet Analyze My Writing Just head over and […]

Writing Tools

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