For me, it’s about the context switching. That’s where I lose my time in blogging productivity. Blogging Productivity Ideas Some will say yoga is to prepare the body for meditation. So let’s talk about rituals to get us into the context for writing blogs. Incentivize Your Senses Have a favorite scent? Enjoy a particular smell […]

Get in the blogging productivity zone

There are a handful of avenues for promoting your blog. This article is about blog writing for SEO as a strategy for promoting traffic to your website. Blogging and SEO Like white on rice, these two go together. Blogging is keeping a log, but it’s more than a diary. If you’re not writing for a […]

Blog Writing For SEO

Are you losing your ideas like REM lost their religion? Not me. I am obsessed with Workflowy. This blog will show you how to organize workflowy notes. Workflowy is a project management tool but I use it mostly for quick-capture of ideas. Working with adhd is a dance of it’s own accord, but after looking […]

How to Organize Workflowy

Canva is a fanciful program. It is a graphic design space for non-graphic designers. Hoe to Use Canva is a fun typo, but this blog is a handful of steps. We are talking about how to use Canva. Canva is a Program for Graphics I fyou have a small business or organization of any type, […]

Hoe to Use Canva

If you’re wondering how to start your own online blog, you’re in the right place. Dobedo is a blog about blogging. How to Start online blogging Blogging to win There’s a difference between blogging to practice writing and blogging to win. When you’re blogging to win, you’re likely blogging on a specific, but broad topic. […]

How to Start Your Own Online Blog

Surfing the internet for info that can help you is daunting. No one likes it. Our job as bloggers is to help someone find the info faster. Here are X Blogging Tips for New Bloggers to get you from stand-still to posted. Blogging for Begginners When you’re just starting out, it’s important to step into […]

Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

When I first decided to get into e-commerce, I purchased thousands of stickers in my niche. I thought I’d use these stickers to learn SEO for blogging. Pretty soon, I was bored of writing seo-packed product descriptions for stickers. I ended up just putting a few options of stickers on my larger-than-sticker ecommerce site. Fast […]

Seo for Blogging — Experiment 1

Check this out. I’m casually checking on my blog posts using Ubersuggest and my notion database, when something I’ve seen before finally pops out. Today I learned something new about blogging. Today I learned something new on WordPress I’m on my way to writing my first 144 blogs and on this website (Dobedo) I have […]

Today I Learned Something New About Blogging

Finding the perfect stock photo can be daunting. It might be easier to learn how to edit stock photos. Locating what you almost-need is good. Then go and make it better using Canva. Choose a Stock Photo to Start With I learned how to edit stock photos while creating a Shopify store. I have a […]

How to Edit Stock Photos

X Things to Know About Using your Tonic Template X – Publish Toggle Each page in your ShowIt website has a little toggle for publishing. By default, it is set to on, but if you’re working on a page, you can switch the toggle for publish and it will be “sleeping”. *screenshot Aug 9 309Here […]

Using Your Tonic Template

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