The only email written to rev you up.

 The best in your box.


Twice-monthly under a cotton candy sky, a girl named Daisy types in a new-fangled notebook re: trying something new.  Sign up to read— 1st nudge free.


Email is boring, but this one's not.
 We write to tickle your curiosity. Trying is good for your health. Better than writing a list & calling it a gratitude practice.

Lines on a chalkboard didn't revive Bart Simpson's trust in the human race, & a list won't do it for you either.

Gratitude is not about blue skies
/or/ rainbows.
It's all humans helping humans.

It's a @hubermanlab idea based in neuroscience. We'll email you the info when you sign up to try it out below.

What Makes you curious?

Smells like the inbox could use some spice. 

Our email inbox could use some spice. 

Smells like the inbox could use some spice

Oh, but Darling, You don't Understand ... I can't ... I'm

Feeling Stagnant

Juice not worth the squeeze right now?  Try to reiterate.  You, but better.  Maybe chuck the whole manuscript and do over.

Getting Older

Skating past 60 may not be your goal, but none of us get out of here alive, so we might as well just ... keep on ... livin ... man.

Being Held Back

By society, by yourself, by chance ... by circumstance /or/  ... by an abuser, or a pet. By parents, kids or health. It sucks dirt up a straw.

“Opportunity dances
with those  ALREADY ON
the dance floor.”

— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Enter Enchanted Doors

Can you hear the music?  What's happening when you feel alive?  Do bad new bears affect your mindset? Is my grass green?

Follow THE music

Does dancing make you happier or let out joy?  Does not doing the thing mean I have no will?  Can you hear that drumming?

cat nap in a secret garden

The warmth of the sun on your face. The coolness of a simple breeze. Big belly breath in.  Exhale life's poopy vibes.  Be still.


The only email in your box written to rev you up. 

What To Expect inside your new favorite email:


When we listen to stories together as humans, our heartbeats regulate as a group.  Sitting around a campfire, or across the internet, the same story read by different humans will bring heart beats closer in sync.


Trying is good for our health, like humor.  Curiosity does not just kill the cat, but also helps humans live longer. Laughter is medicine, & that's one reason we aim to make you smile.

A Nudge

To try something new.  We made this program to harness the power of our own curiosity.  Maybe you don't have time to try today. We help make it trying fun & easy.  Try to Try.  That's the whole game.  The perspective. 
The sell.  The angle of our dangle. 

More Info

We reference others' work—stories, creativity & songs. We introduce you to radical humans. We give you a cold plunge into science-y truths & a hot soak in human gratitude. 
We want you to try it both ways.

No Need For Nerves Here

Inside Lines

Try Something New Every Month is a new year's reso we fell in love with in 2011.

Through it, we found a few hobbies that we're still into more than a decade later.

Email is a common cause of anxiety & overwhelm.  (*Barf*— am I right?)

Email is super boring, persistent as heck, & vying for our attention every day!

We write fun stories about humans trying hard & nudge you to try something, too.



We name the enemy.

Too old, too young, too stupid, too smart.  Privileged, trapped, alone, or unable to find solace.  Bullshit your bird brain brought back to the nest.


We tell you stories.

A friggin kumbaya session right in your inbox.  We're going to tell you a story.  Not a vlog about our vacation (Bo-RING!) ... A little substance, please.


We spread curiosity.

Take the stairs. Open the enchanted door.  Chase the waterfall.  Nap in the secret garden. You're dead if you don't & you're a daisy if you do.

A year from now, you'll be so good at trying new stuff, that maybe, just maybe ...

You'll have found an activity that sets your f*ckin soul on fire
like that iG audio says ...

Anna got a message in her box

Oh man, I wish all my emails were this much fun! 

Blunt Crayon studio provided the graphic direction for Dobedo. Our little crew couldn't be more smitten. This UK based female-owned creative studio turned a few sweet convos into the building blocks we didn't know we needed.

Jenny hemmed & hawed RE: Trying

"I thought I was too old to learn new tricks." 

It's been so long since I had tried something new. My life got stale.  Daisy helped me spice it up.  Reminds me to follow the music, say hello first, and try something a little different.

Then JennY Climbed many Stairs

"I went from bored af to finding a whole new world."

I found something to write about & something to do with my extra attention. Somewhere to go & people to get to know.

Permission to play — GRANTED!

1st grade teach gave out poetic licenses &  permission to use the english language as we wishy wish.

Sign up now for regular reminders + more & more permission.  Life's a game we can't stop playing.  Let's play hard.

We tell stories about humans trying stuff.  Woah-men, mostly.
Also why & how & when & with whom & what we might try.

Try to try & try again.  That's the message.  Welcome, human.

you're in the right place.

Bam!  Did you see that?

3 SECRETS TO A MORE Fulfilling Inbox

Tomorrow comes quick.

Punch buggy yellow, no punch back!  Life is fun if you look for the intrigue or you can just keep refreshing gmail for another 20% off must buy now ad.
Player's choice.  Also, it's $27.

I found something to write about + something to do with my extra attention. 

Somewhere to go + people to get to know.

Dobedo is displayed on a Tonic Site Shop template.  It is a thing that you can have, too.  Jen Olmstead is world class, as is her partner in design & the lovely humans they've chosen for their proverbial game of internet kickball.  Known for hitting internet home runs with service, product, and even marketing.  Tonic's success is joyful to affiliate with.

- Dobedo

kind words

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

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Shall we dance? ... Do you dance?

Hey, Hi. Howdy.
I'm Daisy.
Author of your
new favorite email.

*curtsies* ... I sit down twice-monthly to tippy-type my rambunctious thoughts for your pleasure.  Compiling notes & anecdotes from the internet to swirl around a few curiosities.  I write to entertain myself at your expense.  (Spoiler Alert —
It cost $27 for 24 emails.)   

People say it's fun.  Want to dance?

Discover  Enchanted Spaces

Find A curiosity to pursue


Something NEW to
smile about

This program includes everything you need to try new things

Try Something NEw is

Look, we all get stuck in a rut of boring ourselves. Trying is just applying your attention to learn about what's tickling your daydreams. All we provide is the repetition you need to succeed.  Your spark is already inside.  We came to try it.


you need

to stop the bore.

Okay, yeah.  I have day dreams.  But I'm scared.

Need a little nudge to try out curiosity again? 

Let's let the cat out of the bag and go out exploring again. We & They could use a new friend, a new smile, a new confidant.

A decade ago, we learned to make resolutions we love to keep.  Try Something New Every Month was our 3rd successful resolution of adulthood.  We found two activities we still do!

That's our dream for you, too.  Just a little something new to do.

Try Something New Every Month voted best email in your box!

We sell "Try" not "buy"

Try Something New Every Month is the only curiosity-driven email showing up for you in your box.  

Dobedo's email is a hammock swaying in the breeze.  A quick pick me up from a lackluster daze.  An enchanted door left ajar.  A garden beyond the bend.  It's a dog watching a sunset.  A biting fish. 

A monarch on your nose.  A child dancing with the birds.  A little reminder that life is precious-af & we're alive to make the most of it, dammit. 

Dobedo's twice-monthy email is full of grace & a little bit nudgey.  We want you to want us & to want you, too.  Let's try something.

Just keep trying...

Have you ever heard that when an elephant looks at a human—>>

they think we're "cute"?  Like how we feel when we see a puppy stumble.  So cute— like a wittle baaaaaby. 

Our emails put on a little show for you to view from your comfort zone.  We wiggle and laugh and you can watch us like a cat from beneath the forsythia bush.

Satisfaction brought it back, you know?  The cat. Went off chasing waterfalls & everything was fine.  Developed a liking to climbing rocks &  a passion for acai. 

Have you seen a cool rock lately? 



Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

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For about the price of a couple sandwiches, you're getting 24 reminders to try something new for yourself.  It's not a constant stream of sales like most emails.  But if you hate it?  Lettuce know.  We'll give you back your dough.  Try buying a salad instead. 


money back guarantee

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Neuroscience of trying things

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Why would I pay for an email?

Because it's worth a damn. Also, you won't get as much out of it, if it's free— so we charge. It's science.  Neuroscience. Paying is the only way you'll care.  We didn't make this up.  It just is.  We charge up front so we don't have to spend a year getting you ready to buy from us.  We'd rather spend a year trying to get you to try stuff.  That's our thing.  The spiel. The sell.  The call to action.  Twice-monthly in your box:  Try Now.

What's inside the email?

Stories + Links.  Like the best story I ever heard— about an old man that shit himself at the museum.   We aim to create a delicious fried onion blossom of fun facts & anecdotes about people being good to people & trying curious things.  We show you the foyer of a few rabbit holes. We link out for reference & clarity. We use our poetic license, tickle your fancy, check it twice on Grammarly & rev you up with a good ole story.

When do I get it?

You'll get our sweet ass slippery little email twice-monthly.  Dobedo's signature product— the Try Something New Every Month email program, is a gentle nudge towards the light.
A friend inside the internet giving you a little booty-bump towards that new thing you're thinking about.  That's me.  I'm Daisy.  I write the best email in your box to remind you to try stuff that's pretty good for you.  


A new hobby. An old love. Build a thing up. Break it down.  Photograph your pet. Send a note to an old friend. Celebrate grief.  Sing in the street. Stay in business. Color without regard to lines. Disrupt flow.