Try Something New Every Month

A primitive podcast for people I know.  Watch me fumble through my first podcast while encouraging you to try something new.

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This podcast smells like daisies.  Good vibes, smiles & short episodes inside.

Even on a cloudy day, the sun is still there, shining.  

Hey, Hi, Howdy 👋

It's Daisy.

that's me —>>

My first grade teacher gave me a poetic license.  She laminated it and said, even if I lost it, I still have it forever, and let's just say, I never gave it back.  What's cool about writing in 2023 is that you just start a blog.

At first, I thought it would be more complicated, but it really is just about starting.  Write your first 12 bad blogs. On the 13th blog, we start learning.

The Podcast


I messaged it directly to you /or/ you know me.

You are a person that does things habitually.

You have more love to give yourself & the world.

Hey, Hi.  Howdy. I'm Daisy.  Welcome to my podcast—>> Try Something New Every Month, where I encourage you to —>>
try something new every month.  It's so simple it hurts.  Just try it.

the reviews are in

 Your voice is silky smooth! 🤣 Also I think you hypnotized me to try something new

— Spoons

Write A Blog With Me