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Sustainable marketing is at your fingertips. New blogs are daunting, but now you have a guide to help.  We teach blogging as you go.  Publishing blog posts are the stairs that get you there.   Blog with us.  "It'll be fun!"

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17 Steps is a lot when you're writing 100 blogs.  But repetition makes things easier.  Blogging becomes enjoyable.  We transfer the skill and you can have fun with blogging and join the crew working for for sustainable marketing.  The process gets easier and you get to hone your skills as a writer and an entrepreneur. 

You made it to the top of another blog post.

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Don't have one?  Start with ShowIt.  Unless you're on Shopify. Keep it on Shopify or you defeat the purpose of blogging.

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Start where you are.

Did you write a blog and hear crickets?  Don't worry.  It's cricket season.  Everyone is out to play.  Go outside, then write another.

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Many elements to a blog besides just the solution to the problem.  Sales is a curvy line from A to B. 

what is in a blog?

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We help you develop the skills for sustainable marketing of that cool business you really need to love you back.

It's hard to write a perfect blog. 

If you don't start a blog, you're gonna die.  Okay?  In a nutshell, that's the message.  Yes. I know you're going to die even if you do start a blog, Sally.  But we're not here for those people.  Dobedo is here for you, the reluctant blogger.  To teach you sustainable marketing. We want to see your business buzzing along like a whole hive of honeybees.

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We use a lifetime in sales to humanize the psychology so you can find your people through blogging. The world we live in is one that allows small creators and regular people to build sustainable businesses we love.

Is it hard?  Yup.
Can we do it?  Yup.

Let's just try blogging.  

Learn more below and when you get frustrated, you can pay for us to do it for you.  

Learn it or buy it, but don't leave it alone til your dead.

Create the content you needed when you were younger.

Sure, that sounds easy.
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My first grade teacher gave me a poetic license.  She laminated it and said, even if I lost it, I still have it forever, and let's just say, I never gave it back.  What's cool about writing in 2023 is that you just start a blog.

At first, I thought it would be more complicated, but it really is just about starting.  Write your first 12 bad blogs. On the 13th blog, we start learning.

You meet a guide ...

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Listen, Sally.  There are only 3 ways to do the thing.  You can buy it, try it, or DIY it.  what's your move?

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