You’re at the point in your small business career where you’ve officially discovered copywriting and you require copywriting coaching. All small business owners will get to this point, so welcome. Whether you’re the one to tell your client that copywriting is just a small piece of a big puzzle that takes years to master or […]

Copywriting Coaching

It’s been raining cats and dogs where I live this winter and we’re looking forward to complaining about how hot and dry it is outside. We’re mentally adding items on to our spring cleaning laundry list, and getting it done alongside spring self-care. Spring Cleaning is a concept that straddles seasons, subjects, and spaces. It’s […]

Spring Cleaning Laundry List

There are lots of blogs about organizing and organized home blogs, but what about how to organize blog content? After you’ve written your first dozen blogs and are onto your second and third dozen, you’ll start to wonder. What is the best way to organize my blogs? In this blog post we’re going to go […]

Organize Blog

So you wrote your first blog and here’s your next to-do: Write 11 more. You can’t really start calling yourself a blogger until you’ve written your first dozen blogs. But they can’t all be v-logs. This isn’t your diary. If you need to just write and have no one ever read it, write on […]

First Dozen Blogs

When you do an SEO Site audit on your webpage, you’ll get many different line items. One question you’ll wonder about is how to fix broken links on website platforms like Show It. Here’s a quick blog about how to fix broken links on website. We’re in Show It. I have a number of SEO […]

How to Fix Broken Links on website | Show It

One way to update your SEO is yp optimize title tags on your blog posts and web pages. We recently hit our first organic traffic from our SEO efforts on and are now ready to optimize title tags. Why Optimize Title Tags? One of the main reasons for writing a blog is to attract […]

Optimize Title Tags

When I think of batch work, I think of muffins. You mix up all the ingredients in one cache and then batch them out into individual “opportunities”. Can we call a muffin an opportunity? Let’s do it. When I think of batch work in the context of blogging for SEO, it’s decidedly much less tasty, […]

Batch Work your Blogging for SEO

How to Organize a Small Home Office is one thing I’ve struggled with during my Ikea-Target-Amazon days. I always thought I’d be into the Vanlife Vibes or a Tiny House Communities. Like, if I met myself in real life, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was my thing. I ended up in a PRETTY SMALL […]

How to Organize a Small Home Office

Infinitely expandable, and collapsible, (my favorite feature), I’m going to show you the best way to organize your ideas. It’s a Bullet List, but BETTER. Workflowy is my favorite bill to pay every year. My ShowIt subscription came through this week for the year and I was like -_______-, but when I got Workflowy in […]

Organize Your Ideas with the Best Bullet List Ever

blog breaker dobedo limited brands

It takes about 90 days to make any moves using SEO and the first of my SEO Tips for Blogging is to start today. Don’t make a huge plan, not at the start. Not if this is your first rodeo. Just start. There is more to learn by doing than there is to read about. […]

SEO Tips for Blogging

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